Scope Test Enact Learn - Act

STELa is a robust and flexible tool that social marketers can use to demonstrate that they are applying best practice based on sound social marketing theory and practice.

The STELa social marketing planning tool and guide will help you develop a clear social marketing plan that will greatly increase the chance of your social marketing project or programme meeting its objectives. STELa provides you with a systematic planning framework that you can use as a communication and management tool for your project that will help ensure that all those people involved are clear about the objectives of the project and how they will be delivered. The STELa process is based on a critical analysis of other social marketing planning tools and guides as well as best practice in generic project planning. STELa is also based on a great deal of actual practice and experience.

STELa stands alone as the only fully developed interactive social marketing planning too that is currently available. STELa requires no formal training due to its intuitive interface, the tool also has the advantage of allowing both the importation of previous planning materials and the automatic production of project plans.